Thursday, July 06, 2006


A while ago Eleanor graduated from cot to bed. Nervous at the thought of her on the stairs (steep and twisting) in the middle of the night, we decided to try and fit our stairgate at the top of the stairs. It wouldn't fix to the newel post. Nor would it fit in her doorway. So the first night, we fixed her door shut with a luggage strap, and determined to buy a cabin hook for the door.
So we put her to bed, and went outside into the garden with the monitor. Silence.
A little while later I went inside, to find Eleanor coming out of the bathroom downstairs, looking forlorn and saying 'I was looking for you'. I took her upstairs and asked her how she'd got out... and she'd managed to squeeze through a tiny gap. She now wakes up in the morning and stands at her door rattling it and saying 'Mummy Daddy is it wake time yet?'


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