Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Radio Ga-Ga? Radio Head?

Chemo brain is a recognised phenomenon amongst chemotherapy patients, although it is never given as a formal side effect. However, it is a very useful excuse. I'm not sure how much longer I can carry on using it though, so I'm moving on to being Radio ga- ga.

I'm now part way through 17 Radio sessions: One a day for 3 and a bit weeks, with weekends off. And one day off for the machine to be serviced. I finish on the 19th July.

Apparently Radio appointments generally keep to time. So of course my first 3 appointments were late. At least we get free car parking right by the entrance. You have to go up to the kiosk, where the car park attendant gives you a number, then drive down to the barrier, and tell the same attendant the number he has just given you over the intercom. So each day starts with a guess the number game... the closest I've been is two out.

When I get called into the room, I lie on the couch, close my eyes, ignore the huge machines towering over me, and wonder when they are going to get some decent background music. Maybe I should suggest Music for Airports... And why don't they make the ceilings in Radio rooms more interesting? That's where the patients spend most of their treatment time looking.

I then have 10 minutes just lying down, while the Radiographers poke prod, measure, remeasure, draw on me, and exit the room promptly. There's a buzz, they come back in, move the machine to the other side and repeat the process.

So far, I have had none of the long list of possible side effects apart from beginning to feel tired again. I have bought a huge tub of E45 to counter any possible 'reddening, itching or burning of the skin', but there have been no problems so far.

I am supposed to avoid the sun in the effected area tho'. So I shan't visit Brighton beach just yet...


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