Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tearing my hair out

On the Monday the day before I had my line put in, I noticed a few more hairs in the bath than normal. By Thursday, hairs were coming out whenever I ran my hands through my hair. The toilet and drains at home also became blocked. No, not because of my hair! Because they are 100 years old and falling apart, or because they had become damaged with bricks through them. We (and the insurers) are still awaiting the report from the drains people. Thursday night we ended up round the corner at a friends house since he was away on holiday and we had his keys (never leave your house keys with the Harrisons!). By Friday night we were ensconced at the Old Farm Hotel in Bournville. This is a lovely hotel with excellent full English breakfasts and very friendly. But not exactly what we were planning. We shared a room with Eleanor which meant we had to creep in very quietly when we went to bed and watch her wake up anyway. We spent the evenings in the hotel bar with the baby intercom on. By Saturday I was quite literally tearing my hair out.
It was quite odd. I'd get hold of a clump of hair, tug gently, and the whole clump came out. I wore a buff scarf all Friday and Saturday, and by Saturday night it was getting very frustrating. It hurt if it was brushed the wrong way (a bit like if you have your hair tied back too tight) and looked horrible, and hairs were getting everywhere!
So, on Saturday night, we went round to a friend's house and Paul clippered my hair and gave me a no. 1 all over. Photos can be found on Paul's blog. Eleanor when she first saw me just held her hand to her mouth then pointed at me. She's asked me several times since where my hair has gone. Although I look most 'normal' in my wig (I also have a 'fringe wig' to go under hats) I am most comfortable wearing nothing (on my head!) or a buff. At one point I was on the phone in the hotel reception when I realised that I wasn't wearing anything on my head. The following morning I had a full head of hair, In the evening, just a head scarf...
I've worn the wig twice so far, both times to work. It's not the most comfortable of items, but I guess I'll get used to it. On Wednesday, I got fed up of even the No 1, as it was irritating when brushed the wrong way, and every time I rubbed by head, there were showers of hairs coming out. So Paul shaved my head completely. Wearing a wig after that was far more comfortable, though wearing nothing is somewhat chilly. Meanwhile, I've just had an offer through the post of a free family photo session and photo from a local(ish) photographer (in the hopes that we'll then spend hundreds of pounds on copies and enlargements!). So I'm considering booking a session and getting photos done in all the different styles...


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