Monday, February 13, 2006


At the end of the first cycle: tomorrow I should have my second chemo session. I still have all my hair (well all that's left after the hair chop!). Not done too bad at all really. I felt a little bit sick the first few days, and have been off chocolate until the last couple of days. (amazing, but true). I felt very tired over the first weekend, but well enough to get into work in the middle of the second week. I went in for two days for a course that I'd organised, and was determined not to miss if I could help it. I coped with that very well, especially as part of it involved lying flat on the floor, while my colleagues measured me to see if I was asymmetrical or not. (I'm not, or at least my ribs aren't.)
Back to the Breast Clinic today: an hour and 3/4 wait for a short appointment to discuss my lack of side effects, and to get the last of my results. I am her2 negative: that means that Herceptin would do nothing for me. It also means that my cancer was somewhat less aggressive than if I was positive. I will also be saving the NHS money by not having to take it.
Tomorrow I go in to have my Hickman line put in. I am allowed to have a 'light breakfast' before.... 6am, and have to be in by 7.30. We are dropping Eleanor off at very wonderful and long suffering friends at 7am (and this during half term) who will take her to nursery. If my Hickman line is done early enough I should still be able to have my Chemo done as well. A thrilling way to spend Valentine's day.
In fact, the whole timetable seems calculated to stop any celebrations. I'm having chemo on Paul's birthday and our wedding anniversary, and an injection on my birthday.
I'm unlikely to be able to bathe with a Hickman line in situ (clothes pegs will be offered to all visitors!) so I had luxury tonight: wine, chocolates, candles, book, and a long soak in the new bath.
And now to bed, to prepare for an early start tomorrow...


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