Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back for a Bit

The drains have been done bar a man hole cover, and we are awaiting the report and bill from the company. As are the insurers, who will then decide how much (if any) they will pay for. So on Wednesday, Paul hobbled to work, having done his knee in again. (and what did they put him to cover? PE! He could barely walk..) I came home and cried. There was no longer an open sewer outside, but mud had been trodden into our new kitchen and bathroom, and considering what might have been contained in that mud... I then spent the next hour or so on the phone ringing round various cleaning companies, asking if there was any chance...
Two had numbers unobtainable. Several had answering machines on. A couple said they would ring back but didn't. One just laughed at me 'Molly Maids couldn't come out at such short notice'. Others said they couldn't today, but later in the week... Finally one company Did ring back to say they could come out, and later in the afternoon, No limits came round, sized up the job, got my hard earned cash, and did an excellent job. No uniform, no frills, just got on with it.
So we're now back home, confident I'm not going to catch some nasty stomach bug. I do have a cold, that I've had around 10 days now. It's improving, and apparently my white blood cells are up and fighting it. It was at it's worst in the hotel with a nasty persistent cough which is not what you want when sharing a room with a 2 year old daughter.
So, having had a taste of the high life and hotel living, we're planning on going on holiday soon and staying in a cottage for a few nights. This time for a break.


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