Thursday, June 08, 2006


Just before the last cycle, I saw the oncologist rather than one of his minion registrars (apologies to all those very capable registrars out there). My oncologist is very forthright, and his 'bedside' manner needs taking with several pinches of salt. When I told him about me fainting when the District Nurses were first flushing my line out he said 'lack of moral fibre'!
So the update on my condition:

I cannot be counted as 'cured' from the cancer, 'until I die of something else'. However, with my particular type, it's most likely to come back in the first five years. If it hasn't come back at all by then, the likelihood of its returning is low.

I have apparently coped very well on the trial: lots of other people on it have found it, well, a trial. I have had no infections (not even in my line, which is also unusual). The trial has been trialled before in America, although then it was dose - light rather than dose-dense (ie they gave us more) accelerated chemotherapy. However it emerged that the people who did best on the previous trial were those with the same particular cancer as myself.

So, cautious optimism. Just the Radio to go, then check ups every few months, and hope and pray it doesn't come back. And looking forward to a big party in July 2011!


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