Tosoast for Breakfast

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The dedication gown...

Eleanor's dedication and our 70th party weekend is over, and I managed to finish the dress (after a fashion).

Reminder to self: don't try to make a christening gown when you have a 7 month old child!

So the gown has some 'design features': The overlapping diamond at the base of the dress, the ribbons rather than button holes...

It also needs finishing in some areas. At least I noticed that I was sewing one arm on inside out Before double stitching it.

Some families have family arms. We have a family sleeve: with squares sewn by Paul and both my parents. Anna sewed a lot of the squares together, and Chris W and M both did sterling service with much of the rest.

Hurrah for ebay! The lace cost £7 and was sold with the following description:

I found these and many other pieces amongst my great grandmothers things, all in a drawer along with her crochet hooks, lace making bobbins and silks. She died at a great age back in the '40's and to the best of my knowledge these items have not seen the light of day since then.

There are two long lengths of lace work. One piece, which measures 9ft in length is straight along one edge and pointed along the other. It measures 2.1/4" at it's deepest. The other length measures over 13ft in length. It is wavy in design and is approx. 1" deep.

The silk was much newer and more local, having been bought from the Birmingham rag market.