Tosoast for Breakfast

Thursday, May 11, 2006

More hair!

My hair is now starting to grow back! I have for almost a week had a fine covering of 'peach fuzz' and I no longer look completely bald. It'll be a good while before it is presentable, but it's getting there.
Meanwhile, I have spent some of the birthday money on buying a 'wavy bandana'. This is basically a denim bandana with wavy hair attatched to the back. It is a lot more comfortable than the wig, and looks quite good with my 'fringe wig'. Photos will appear on the website when we can find our camera...

Looking Good, Feeling Meh

On Paul's birthday last month, I celebrated by... having chemo. Then, in the afternoon, I went on a Look Good, Feel Better workshop. This was a 'makeover workshop' designed to 'combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment'. Since at the time I was losing my eyelashes and my eyebrows were thinning, and I'm always up for a freebie, I thought I'd give it a go. This from someone who last wore makeup last time I was a bridesmaid in 2004.
There were about 10 of us, and we were all given a bag of freebies. We had to sort them out into the cleansing stuff (cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate, sand blast..) and all the make up... lots of different boxes and pencils and bottles. Sorting it all out and working out what was what wasn't simple for a novice like me. We had a sheet telling us what to do, but is foundation the same as the 'light diffusing make up'? And is 'Time-fighting rejuvenation lotion' moisturiser? It sounds more like the latest alien from Dr Who.
Apparently all this make up is good stuff... Chanel, Olay,Estee Lauder, No 7 (almost Prisoneresque?). I added it all up afterwards, and it is probably worth about £200. That is, before you open it and try daubing it all over your face.
The session involved one volunteer having a makeover while they demonstrated the technique. The rest of us then followed what was happening, taking off all the make up I didn't have on, and struggling to work out which item I was supposed to use next. There were twobeauticianss floating around from person to person demonstrating what to do: without them I would have been sunk. Tell me, someone, why cover rosy cheeks with green makeup, only to put blusher on the top afterwards? And I never got to put oneyelinerr, 'cos the colour provided clashed with the colour of eyeshadow..
After we had all made up, we got to circulate and chat and tell each other how much better we looked. (Did I really look that bad to start with?) We compared notes on scarf tying and wigs, and what stage of what we were going through. Much the best and valuable point of the day. I have since met up with one of the other ladies at the oncologist's clinic and at chemo. However, since I am on a trial doing chemo every 2 weeks rather than 3, I rarely see the same people twice. But it is nice making contact with real people, rather than in cyber space, which is where I meet most other people going through the same experience.
So now I have a fully equipped make up bag which I haven't used since. My eyelashes have fully gone, but new ones have been growing back at the same time. Not very long yet, but I don't look odd. I probably would look rather odd in mascara, but I hate the feeling of having your eyelashes stuck together, so I'm unlikely to use that anyway. Perhaps I should have a go with that eyeliner. Meanwhile, anyone want an unopened bottle of Celine Dion 'Notes'?

postnote: I've just spellchecked this. The spell checker didn't like 'makeover', suggesting 'macabre' instead. Hmmmm.