Tosoast for Breakfast

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Another bit of sewing for Eleanor last night. Her nursery is having to do some fund raising this year, as previously they have always joined in the Hospital summer fete. However, as the hospital is gently closing, there won't be a summer fete this year. So the first of the fund raising days was a football day... face painting, biscuit making, flag waving etc. All the children were asked to dress in football gear or appropriate clothes.
Paul and I being the avid football fans we aren't, we didn't have anything remotely footbally, so I found a white dress of Eleanors and sewed on some red ribbon. Only when I had almost finished did I notice that it was size 0-3 months. Ooops. Fortunately it was just a little short, and at almost 8 months, micro skirts just look cute.