Tosoast for Breakfast

Friday, April 21, 2006

Second lot of drugs

I've now had two lots of the CMF drugs and am about to have the 3rd (of 6 lots) on Tuesday. The first lot made me feel quite sick, but we went up to Sheffield that week to be looked after after P's op, so I managed to cope (tho E had a sicky bug at the same time, which didn't help). The oncologist then upped my antiemetics, so this time has been better.
One of the take home drugs is a killer tho. It counters the 'M' of the CMF and stops the mouth ulcer side effects. You're supposed to start it 24 hours after you have chemo, then every 6 hours, for 6 tablets worth. So this cycle I had my chemo at 12, so the following day I had it at 12, 6, midnight and 6am. not too bad, since we tend to go to bed late anyway. It felt like waking early but then having a long lie in. The previous cycle tho, I had my chemo at 3.30, so had to wake up at 3.30am to take a tablet. yuk.
I'm getting increasingly tired, and my fuse is getting shorter (just don't annoy me!) but I'm still managing to get into work for two short days a week. I'm not sure how much sense I make when I get there tho'.
This week I have my chemo again on Tuesday, then on Wednesday (my birthday!) I have an injection, and start feeling a bit sick for a few days. Happy birthday me! Roll on June.